Rise & Prosper Coaching

Affiliate marketing can be a lonely path, especially when you don’t have support from family and friends, don’t know where to start, or are confused. I personally found myself going in circles for many years because I couldn’t focus and didn’t have someone to hold me accountable with my goals.

If you are serious and dedicated, I would love to help you one-on-one duplicate what I’m doing to earn money online. I don’t charge any coaching fees, although I am a Certified Personal Life Coach. I only get paid via affiliate commissions on the programs I recommend through my coaching. And I don’t recommend high-ticket programs that cost thousands of dollars. In fact, the system I use and recommend to my students is just $12 per month and has a 7-day free trial!

As a self-taught internet marketer and affiliate marketer since 2009, I’ve learned so much over the years that I’d love to pay-it-forward by helping others. I’m definitely not claiming to be an affiliate marketing “guru” or expert, but


What Is Rise & Prosper Coaching

Rise & Prosper Coaching Program is about creating massive duplication using the power of leveraged income. I ONLY recommend products and services I personally use and believe in. I’m extremely selective about the products I recommend and try to always be mindful of the value they offer, price-point, and the benefits they offer.


How It Works

I will work with you personally via phone call, email or live video chat to help you get your system set up and working. We’ll cover the following (depending on YOUR interests):

  • Your passive income goals, needs & expectations
  • Your challenges and setbacks so far
  • Traffic/lead generation
  • Affiliate blogging
  • Freelancing / virtual assisting to earn money on the side

You will also receive access to my private Facebook group plus on-going email support from me. Again, you pay ZERO coaching fees.


How It Works

  1. Join the Prosperity Marketing System and take the 7-day trial to check it out. If you like the system and feel it’s a good fit for you, then upgrade to the Student membership ($12 per month).
  2. Contact me to set up a time for our first coaching session.


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