Are Paid Surveys Worth It?

By now most people know about earning money online through paid surveys. You can earn quick, easy cash online with paid surveys. I started out online back in 2009 clicking ads for 2 cents and taking surveys. Now, fast-forward to 2021, I realize that incredible meager money I was making was not only pathetic in general, but keeping me in a very low state of mind. Here’s why I will never do another paid survey to earn money online.


They’re Not Secure

Today I logged into my IDShield account to find that my personal information (that was supposedly private and secure) has been released on the dark web from a stupid survey site that I used many years ago. As you can see from the screenshot below, a lot of my personal information has been exposed including email address, passwords, physical addresses, IP address, DOB, names, and more!


You Are Getting Exploited

If you’re familiar with survey sites, they ask a LOT of very personal questions! And they always tell you that your answers are fully secure. Not true. The bottom line is if you don’t mind your information potentially being leaked out and exposed to the dark web, just so you can earn a measly $.50 to $1, then go right on ahead with survey sites. However, these giant corporations who are hiring these survey sites are gaining your valuable personal opinions so they can turn around and make millions… and you just earn a dollar!


You Can Do So Much Better

From my personal experience, these energy-sucking and time-draining survey sites are not worth it whatsoever. They are truly for those who are really desperate to earn money… and they know it. They feed off of desperate people. If you truly want to earn money online, there are countless ways to make thousands per month. My recommended way is affiliate marketing because it requires very minimal investment and the income potential is endless. Check out my recommended affiliate marketing training, which is free to join (no credit card required).


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  1. Great Review April, and I agree. I have been doing Survey Sites and you’re right the money is paltry, not to mention the time you invest. They do tell you they only take your information for identification purposes, but we know better.

    1. Yes, 100% true!

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