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Why I Don’t Promote High-Ticket Affiliate Offers

What is High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High-ticket affiliate offers are becoming more prevalent these days, just like high-ticket coaching programs. Everyone wants to charge as much as they can for information products to reach their financial goals. It’s easy to reach $10k per month when you’re selling programs priced at $1,000. Just sell it to 10 people per month. This is the mentality I see everywhere and, quite frankly, I’m disgusted by it. I seriously considered getting into high-ticket affiliate marketing niche awhile back and ultimately stopped because I didn’t feel good about investing in these over-priced programs or promoting them to the average person who can’t afford them (most people can’t).


How High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Works

If you’re not familiar with high-ticket affiliate offers, they’re typically programs selling affiliate marketing training at hundreds and often thousands of dollars. If you buy into these programs, you become an affiliate with the ability to earn commissions on these training products. These programs often come with tons of upsells for higher-priced information programs (usually commissionable) at prices that most people cannot afford. Hint- you could probably vacation in Hawaii for a week. 


Can You Make Money With High-Ticket Affiliate Offers?

Oh yes, some affiliates are making a killing with these programs, earning thousands per day, but let’s get real for a moment. We all know anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing can go on YouTube and get plenty of free affiliate marketing training or join a reputable affiliate marketing platform that offers all the tools, training, and mentoring for the average person who wants to get started with affiliate marketing at no cost.

When I was contemplating joining these high-ticket program, I tried to justify the reason for the cost, in my mind. I concluded that unless something of great value was offered, perhaps 1-on-1 mentoring with an affiliate marketing “guru” earning millions who will personally help you earn online (and that isn’t what you get), the thousands required to buy into these programs was FAR from being worth it.


What To Expect When You Join

When you buy into these programs, there is often a NO refund policy. If the program is set up where you pay your sponsor directly (known as a member-to-member program that pays instant commissions), you’ll also probably have one pay a one-time admin fee, which goes to the site owner.  As far as the content within these programs, you can typically expect a collection of training videos within a membership platform, some replicated capture pages, and a bunch of affiliate marketing material to help you promote the program to other unassuming affiliate hopefuls.

Unfortunately, most of the people who join these programs don’t even make back their initial investment because they don’t actually understand affiliate marketing OR want to put in the effort to apply what they learn in the training videos. This applies to any affiliate marketing training, not just these high-ticket programs.


Are High-Ticket Programs Legit?

Everyone wants to make more money, rightfully so, but at who’s expense? Have we become so greedy as affiliate marketers that we need to sell thousand-dollar training programs when people can find that information easily for free or low-cost?

Over the past 10+ years online, I’ve seen many high-ticket programs come and go. People flock to them, hoping to “get in early” and make as much money as they can before these programs become over-saturated. In my opinion, they’re not worth it and I’m grateful I never got involved with them.


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  1. Great post. I feel exactly the same. High ticket is really not necessary to be an affiliate marketer.
    I’m saying that from my own experience.

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