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The Pros & Cons of Joining Instant Pay Affiliate Programs

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting paid instantly online?

Many people are seeking ways to earn fast money with affiliate programs; after all, waiting weeks or even months for commissions can be a pain. We want to see our commissions as soon as possible! After spending nearly 14 years researching all types of affiliate programs, I wanted to make this post to share the pros and cons of joining instant pay affiliate programs because these types of affiliate programs are NOT for everyone!  Be sure to read to end of this post to see which programs I’m earning the most with.


PROS of Instant Pay Affiliate Programs

No Waiting For Commissions

This is pretty obvious… the wonderful aspect of promoting instant pay programs is you will see the funds instantly without waiting for someone to pay you. While many affiliate programs and networks take weeks to pay out commissions, often with minimum earning requirements, instant pay affiliate programs have none of that. You are paid right on the spot.


Nobody Touches Your Money

With most instant pay program, there is  no “middleman” or admin that has to pay out your funds because you are paid directly from your referrals. This direct member-to-member payment model eliminates the worry of getting ripped off by unscrupulous admins.


You Choose Payment Method(s)

Many instant pay affiliate programs allow you to choose how you get paid. This is super convenient and puts the control in your hands. With many regular affiliate programs, you must receive commissions via the payment method THEY decide to use to pay you. That means if they pay out commissions using PayPal, you must accept that or not get paid from their program. With instant pay programs, you’re not confined to using payment processors you don’t like. YOU choose how you get paid!


Ability to Earn 100% Commission & Big Commissions

Many instant pay affiliate programs allow you to earn 100% commission, which is unheard of with most regular affiliate programs. With many affiliate programs, you’re lucky to earn 30%. Some pay out as low as 5% (the major online retailers even less). You have the ability to earn much higher commissions than with regular affiliate programs. Sometimes you can earn hundreds per sale, or even more.


One-Time Fees

Unlike other online businesses like network marketing, where you’re constantly paying for products or monthly fees, there are rarely any other fees involved with instant pay programs. Once you join and pay the initial fee, you’re set to profit without having to worry about monthly on-going costs.


CONS of Instant Pay Affiliate Programs

Upfront Costs (Pay to Play)

Many instant pay affiliate programs offer reseller software, therefore there is often an upfront cost to join. Sometimes you may also pay a separate admin fee, which goes to the owner of the program. The good news is these fees are almost always ONE-TIME. Since some instant pay programs can hundreds to thousands, it’s important to only join ones that you can afford will benefit your business.


Scam Risk

Sometimes you run the risk of joining a scam with instant pay affiliate sites, especially the newer ones with owners who have no history of running affiliate programs. There is always the chance the owner will shut down the site anytime, leaving you in the dark. While there is no sure-fire way to completely protect yourself again getting scammed with any affiliate program, you can minimize your risk by joining ones that are more established and have a reputable, transparent owner.


Manually Approving / Activating Your Referrals’ Accounts

In some cases, you may have to manually approve your referrals’ accounts after they pay you. This isn’t always the case, but some programs require this. While this may not necessary qualify as a “con” of instant pay programs, it’s a bit inconvenient and requires you keeping close tabs on your referrals who pay, so you can quickly activate their account.



As you can see, there are benefits and disadvantages of earning with instant pay affiliate programs. It’s essential to fully understand what you are getting into before you spend money on any program.

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