What Is Press1Mobile?

Press1Mobile is an auto-text lead generation software designed to generate HOT leads for your online business. This software has been around since 2018 and is a solid lead generation platform with nearly zero learning curve. I own this software, so I’ll be providing my own honest review. If you decide that this software may be useful for your business, you can sign up at the bottom of this post and have access to my personal assistance.


How It Works

It’s very simple…. once you purchase the software, you are assigned an auto-text phone number that you can promote to generate leads. When people call your number, they will hear a short message that you can program into the system. Or, you can just use the default message to promote Press1Mobile as a business opportunity. Upon hearing that message, the caller will be prompted to press 1 to receive more information. If they do press 1, they will be texted your website or capture page immediately. This generates a hot lead that will appear in your Press1Mobile account!

Test It Out… Call My Auto-Text Number



You can see all calls you’ve received in your account

You can see the caller’s phone #, how long they remained on the call, and the call disposition (whether they hung up or pressed 1).


What Happens When You Join

When you join Press1Mobile, you are then automatically a “reseller” of the software and able to program it to promote any opportunity or you can just keep the default to promote Press1Mobile. You will receive your own auto-text phone number AND 100 free credits. Plus, as a reseller of the software, you’ll have the ability to earn INSTANT affiliate commissions by simply sharing this lead generation solution to other online/offline business owners!

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Commission Structure

Press1Mobile can be a very lucrative business for you! Earn $200 instantly from all sales except your first, which is passed up to your sponsor. Your second sale and onward go directly to you. This creates leveraged income because all of your referrals will have to pass up their first sales to you! You can see how powerful this is once you start receiving pass-up sales on autopilot.

You can see all your referrals in your account

You can see all of your referrals’ names, date they joined, whether they’ve paid the admin fee, if they’re confirmed or qualified.


How You Get Paid $

Payments are made directly member-to-member, meaning the admin of the site never touches your money. YOU choose how you get paid from new members! Once your referrals pay the one-time admin fee, which is $97, then are they provided your instructions for the $200 payment that goes to you. Some options for getting paid include:

  • Cashapp
  • Venmo
  • Paypal
  • Invoice (getharvest.com is a free invoicing software I use)
  • Chime
  • Crypto
  • Zelle
  • and more… YOU provide the payment options!


Training & Resources

Instructions on how to set up your Press1Mobile back-office, primary business, and payment instructions are provided with your account. I also supply training and marketing resources (plus lead bonuses) if you join with me.


Press1Mobile Fees

To own the Press1Mobile software costs a one-time fee of $297. The $97 goes to the admin, and $200 goes directly to your sponsor. There are no monthly fees or on-going fees except the SMS credits, which are very cheap and available for purchase as you need them.


About SMS Credits

You will receive 100 free SMS credits when you join Press1Mobile. Each credit = 1 cent. Whenever someone calls your auto-text number, one credit is deducted from your account. If they press 1, another credit is deducted. That means up to 2 credit are deducted each time someone calls you number. That’s right, generate HOT leads for just 2 cents each!!  Credits can be purchased as needed within your account starting at $10 for 1,000 credits.


My Honest Opinion

Okay, so I will 100% transparent with my thoughts on Press1Mobile, providing both pros and cons.

What I like

  • It’s very easy to learn and implement. The software works easily and can be updated with a click of a button. It’s very simple, straightforward, and efficient.
  • There is no monthly fee, just the one-time $297.
  • Of course, I also like the income potential and ability to earn instant affiliate commissions.


What I dislike – I have a few bones to pick with this software:

  • You will have to keep your auto-text number activate or they will purge it, causing you to have to spend $12 to get a new auto-text number. I believe this happens after 3 months of no calls to your number. You can easily avoid this by just calling your auto-text number every month to keep it active if you’re not actively promoting it.
  • Upon pressing 1, the links can take a few minutes to get texted. I believe they should be texted immediately.
  • Support can take several days to reply.



Press1Mobile is a solid lead generation platform that can benefit any affiliate marketer. It’s simple to use and can be very lucrative if you’re wanting to make this your primary income generator. The built-in leveraged income aspect can really sky-rocket your earnings, as well. You can be up and running with this software in under 10 minutes, generating hot leads for just 2 cents each!

If you’re ready to get started, just create your free Press1Mobile account then contact me for assistance getting started.


*UPDATE 6/19/22*

I can no longer recommend this program as the support is totally unresponsive. They removed my phone number with no warning (although I was keeping it active) and when I emailed support, I got no response. Proceed with this program at your own risk!!


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