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5 Traffic Sites for Promoting Crypto Affiliate Offers

Promoting cryptocurrency affiliate programs?

Look no further than crypto traffic sites that are targeted to crypto buyers! I am far from being a crypto expert, but I have a couple crypto wallets and have been paid out affiliate commissions in Bitcoin from several sites.  With all the new crypto programs coming out, the need for targeted advertising is becoming more essential for affiliates who want to earn income promoting their crypto offers.

Below are my top 5 crypto traffic sites that I personally use and recommend. All are 100% free to join!


The Crypto Mailer

If you are into Cryptocurrency then you need to access to this list. Get instant access to a proven list of Crypto buyers! Everyone who sends a mail at The Crypto Mailer has made a purchase using Crypto. Plus, earn commissions 5 levels deep! I love how user-friendly this mailer is and the income potential. Join here


Crypto Traffic Pro

Crypto Traffic Pro is a free viral crypto advertising system that delivers real traffic to your crypto links.  This is a place where you can check the current market trends, get up-to-date market information, and advertise your crypto links to proven likeminded crypto traders and buyers. Phil, the owner of this site, also owns many other traffic sites.  Join here


Crypto Ad Profits

Crypto Ad Profits is an advertising site where you can earn crypto while promoting your websites. This free-to-use ad site allows you to buy or earn free ads whenever you need them while earning your choice of Crypto coin. You can join for free, and all members earn unlimited $10 & $20 commissions. You can also earn up to 60% affiliate commission on upgrade levels, too. Join here


Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost is a traffic exchange with an activity-based Bitcoin revenue sharing program that pays on multiple levels down. Members are able to surf and earn daily in the Surfers Rewards Pool, which is paid out on demand via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin once the minimum withdrawal amount is reached. Currently there are over 13,000 members using Infinity Traffic Boost. Join here


Hashing Ad Space

Hashing Ad Space sells advertising space on their website and then transfers the crypto revenue directly into the hands of people viewing ads.  This has created a functioning marketplace that brings advertisers, viewers, buyers and sellers to one location. Create new Asimi tokens into the marketplace and get paid directly to your own wallet. Join here


**BONUS SITE** Tron Banners 

Get free viral traffic to your banner ads while earning unlimited Tron payments! This true “set and forget” traffic system allows you to reach potentially thousands of crypto buyers and opportunity seekers.



Promoting crypto affiliate offers is most effective when you target people interested in crypto. The sites above provide free ways to advertise your crypto affiliate offers easily and affordably. These sites above also pay out affiliate commissions for referring other people who want to advertise their crypto offers. Please comment below if you’ve tried any of of these crypto traffic sites or know of others that are effective.


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