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My Lead Gen Secret: My Honest Review with Proof

Controversial Lead Generation System

My Lead Gen Secret is a platform with a lot of controversy around its legitimacy. If you go on YouTube, you’ll find dozens of videos with varied opinions; some claiming My Lead Gen Secret is a scam while others claiming it’s effective and highly lucrative. I just had to find out for myself because, lets face it, we affiliate marketers need leads and traffic. Finding an affordable source of paid traffic on a consistent basis can be a challenge for affiliates who are on a tight budget.


What Is My Lead Gen Secret?

If you’re new to My Lead Gen Secret, it’s a lead generation platform that includes 100 new leads daily and a built-in mailing system that allows you to email the leads every 23 hours. You continue to receive 100 new leads daily, which are added to your account on autopilot.

Once you refer just ONE member, you will start receiving 200 new lead daily on autopilot! These leads accumulate and, if you remain a member, you’ll soon find yourself emailing thousands of leads daily! At the time of writing this post, I am currently emailing over 20,000 leads every day.

These are YOUR leads and can be downloaded (basically you do whatever you want with them). I definitely don’t recommend you upload them into a 3rd party autoresponder, though, as most email marketing platforms frown upon this.

Here’s the information you will receive about your leads (I’ve hidden this lead’s info for privacy).


My Testing Strategy

This all sounds great, right, but the big question is whether the leads actually convert into sales. That is exactly what I wanted to find out for myself. I wanted to know the truth. Link trackers are essentially useless when using the mailer because they use their own link tracking system. So, tracking with my usual tracking platform was out of the picture. My solution was to only promote an affiliate offer exclusively with My Lead Gen Secret and nowhere else. 


My First 30 Days (After Rejoining)

I was previously a member back in 2020 and quit after three months. Boy, now I’m realizing what a stupid mistake that was.  My gut feeling was to try it again, but this time only promote My Lead Gen Secret to the leads in the system. My plan was to keep it very simple and NOT promote MLGS anywhere else – not on my blog, to my list, using videos, or paid traffic – just to the leads they provide.

Every day for the first 30 days (after rejoining), I used the swipe copy provided in the affiliate’s section of the system and promoted the sizzle page provided. In my opinion, this one converts the best because it shows proof.

Within 30 days, I had 8 verifiable sales! I know for a fact they are from MLGS leads because I downloaded my entire lead list from MLGS and searched for the names of the people in my downline. Sure enough, they were in the lists!

For example; this member who joined from the leads… his last name is Uccellini (very unique last name). You’ll see him in my downline in MLGS and also in the spreadsheet of leads I downloaded from MLGS (below).


My Testing Continues

So I knew the leads convert when promoting MLGS, but what about other affiliate offers? I decided to continue my testing another month, and I’m currently testing as I write this post. My strategy for the second month was to test a Clickbank offer on the leads because I never promote Clickbank offers… period. My thought was, if I get sales on the Clickbank offer, the leads are 100% definitely legitimate.

Currently, I’ve received 2 sales on Clickbank to date, and I’ve only been promoting the offer to the leads at MLGS for just 6 days!

According to my Clickbank reports, my hoplink is receiving around 300 to 400 hops per day, which aligns with my stats in MLGS. You can see from my screenshots below how the CTR stats compare on both sites. Below I compare stats on 11/25 for both sites.

My Clickbank report shows 322 hops on 11/25.

Clickbank hops on 11/25


My MLGS stats show 339 clicks.

My Lead Gen Secret stats on 11/25


As you can see, the stats are only off by 17 clicks between Clickbank and My Lead Gen Secret on 11/25. Of course, I don’t expect 100% accuracy because I clicked on the hoplink myself before I sent out the email.

Therefore, in addition to the sales I received from MLGS from the leads in the system AND the Clickbank sales I’ve received, I have concluded that MLGS is legitimate and one of the best lead generation platforms I’ve ever used.


Affiliate Program

My Lead Gen Secret also features a 5-tier affiliate program that rewards you very well for referring new members. This is actually one of the most lucrative affiliate programs I’ve seen.

Plus, you will earn a $100 bonus each week you make 5 direct sales. No limits!

You can request your earnings anytime and get paid via Check, Paypal or Bitcoin usually within 24-48 hours. Pretty awesome!!

NOTE: You do not have to be a paying member of MLGS to participate in the affiliate program. You can simply submit a support ticket and apply for an affiliate account with me as your sponsor (mention my affiliate ID 11578); however, you won’t get access to the daily leads.


The Cost

The cost of My Lead Gen Secret is $60 upfront and then $30 per month thereafter. You can cancel at anytime by contacting support. There is no contract. You can rejoin anytime and continue mailing the leads in your database.

Most solo ads cost $50 or more for 100 clicks!



My Lead Gen Secret is working for me, the leads convert into sales, and the affiliate program is extremely lucrative. The support always responds within 24 hours and my only regret is quitting on this program the first time.

Please note, that you may not see immediate results when you start using this system. You will start out with just 100 leads per day. I am currently emailing over 22,000 leads every day and averaging around 1 sale every couple of days. I’ve heard of some members getting sales right away, but don’t expect that.

Results depend on your mailing frequency, the offer you’re promoting, your subject lines, and email swipe copy.

Here’s a recap of what you get with MLGS:


How to Join

If you want my personal assistance and access to my tips on how to maximize this platform to the fullest, then click here to get started. Feel free to email me at once you join.




***Affiliate Disclosure***

I earn money by participating in affiliate programs. Many of the links on this blog earn affiliate commissions. This means I earn money whenever you purchase a product that I link to. When you see links on this blog, please assume they are affiliate links. At the same time, I must say that my core goal is to always recommend useful and valuable resources and content that empowers and educates affiliate marketers to become financially free.

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