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LiveGood Affiliate Program Review & Payment Proof!

A Different Approach to Supplements & Network Marketing

LiveGood is a nutritional company on the cutting-edge of science and technology with some of the most advanced nutritional products on the planet. They also offer one of the most exciting business opportunity in the industry. LiveGood is helping thousands of people get healthy and stay healthy, at prices people can actually afford (wholesale prices).  Long over are the days of over-priced supplements to maintain optimal wellness.

Their commitment is to provide the highest quality products to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy… and to make them available at the lowest possible prices anywhere, without the expensive mark-ups of other companies. 

They take a club membership approach like Costco and Walmart to provide their members with these fantastic wholesale prices. This $10 monthly fee allows members to purchase high-quality, powerful nutritional supplements at rock-bottom prices

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Examples of How Members Save 

For example, both their Organic Super Greens and Organic Super Reds only costs $18 for a 30-day supply!  Meanwhile, other popular green superfood blends cost nearly $70 a bottle! Some brands are even higher! 


Another example is their Complete Plant-Based Protein, which only costs $22 per bottle for members! This is the ultimate protein supplement providing a blend of pea protein, organic hemp protein, fermented protein, amino acids, and 26 vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, other companies are selling protein supplements for nearly $60 per bottle!


Also, their CBD oil starts at just $18 at bottle for 750 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil! Meanwhile, companies are charging upwards of $80 per bottle for similar products!


They also offer other products, as well, like Vitamin D3-K2, multi-vitamins, and more at wholesale member-only prices! As you can see, products you may be ordering on a regular basis can cost you MUCH LESS if you become a member of LiveGood! Imagine how much $$ each month by switching over to LiveGood. The membership is just $10 per month to receive these low prices!


How to Earn with LiveGood

LiveGood is also literally changing the way network marketing is done. Through their “Earn by Sharing” compensation program, you now have the ability to earn income each time you share the LiveGood products and membership with others. 

People are sick of spending hundreds each month with network marketing companies, only to have a few “fat cats” earn at the top. Now everyone can earn easily by promoting affordable supplements!

All you have to do is give your friends and contacts your personalized LiveGood referral link and you’ll get credit for everyone who makes a purchase on your page. You can track all of your levels of referrals by logging into your Affiliate Back Office and clicking on the My Referrals link.

Check out my Payment Proof (my very first payment earned)

My first payment from LiveGood for $75


I WILL PROMOTE YOUR LIVEGOOD LINK: If you want to be added to my team traffic rotator, which is for anyone serious about building a business with LiveGood, get more details below:

➡️ STEP 1: Sign up through my TEAM ROTATOR LINK below to get your FREE POSITION! (You will be placed under someone in my downline or me directly)

➡️ STEP 2: Upgrade to a paid membership to secure your position in the team ($49.95 one-time then $10 per month to stay active)

➡️ STEP 3: EMAIL ME at with your NAME & LIVEGOOD USERNAME and let me know you’re committed. I will respond within 24 hours and provide the next steps.

➡️ STEP 4: REMAIN a LiveGood paid member and I will keep rotating your link! If you decide to cancel you will be removed from my traffic rotator.

➡️ STEP 5: FOLLOW-UP with all of your pre-enrollees and new members to increase your success rate. 


Learn more about the ways you can make money with LiveGood


Ready to Check It Out?

If you’re interested in learning more about LiveGood, the products, or ways to earn money with this company, visit this page to get more information. It goes to my team’s rotator link, so you will be placed with either me or someone in my downline. This is to help everyone who is struggling to earn passive income online FINALLY SUCCEED.

You’ll be part of the largest team in the company with access to marketing tools and resources, private Facebook group, and 6-figure network marketing leaders to help you build a large referral base.

Although you may be placed with someone other than me as your sponsor, you can always email me directly at or reach out on facebook @risingphx33. Thanks and have a fantastic day! 

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