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Promote Your Top 10 Affiliate Programs With One Simple Page

Promoting Multiple Affiliate Programs?

Many affiliate marketers, such as myself, have multiple affiliate offers that we’d like to get in front of our target market. However, how does one display several offers simultaneously? The solution is free and simple: My Viral Affiliate Site!


What is My Viral Affiliate Site?

My Viral Affiliate Site is the one site you get for FREE that you can promote forever to build referrals to your top programs, social media profiles, and website/blog! This fun site is designed to explode your downlines, bring you sales, subscribers, and make you money online daily! It’s perfect for affiliate marketers who do not have a website or blog!

We’re going to do a deep dive into this site so you can see all the cool features. By the way, I use this site personally to promote my favorite affiliate offers.

Before we explore this site further, here’s a screenshot of what it looks like… here is my own My Viral Affiliate Site featuring my top recommendations:

My Viral Affiliate Site: Promote Multiple Affiliate Programs At Once
My Viral Affiliate Site: Promote Multiple Affiliate Programs At Once


Main Features of My Viral Affiliate Site

Upon signing up and creating an account, which is totally free, you will have the ability to start updating your page. You’ll be able to upload a photo of yourself and enter your website and social media urls.

Then the fun starts… In the “Edit Your Links Section”, you are able to add your favorite affiliate offers, which can be updated or changed at any time. See below… review2

You are allowed to add the following links:

  • 5 – Text Links
  • 4 – 125×125 banner links
  • 1 – 468×60 banner link

You must save the links and then wait for the admin of the site to approve them. This can take a couple days.


Promoting Your Site

Once you are finished setting up your links and they have been approved, you can start promoting your site using the resources in the “Promote & Earn” section. You will have access to the following:

  • Tweets to use for Twitter advertising
  • Email & forum signatures
  • Social bookmarking list
  • Social networking list
  • Article directory list


Under the “Affiliate Tools” section you’ll also find a large selection of promo tools including:

  • Banners in all different sizes (see below)
  • Email swipe copy


Cool Viral Feature

This is the “viral” aspect of the site that I believe is very powerful. Your personal referrals who join My Viral Affiliate Site will be able to view YOUR top affiliate programs when they login:

Also from the menu in their account:

And another cool viral feature that is very powerful is within the affiliate links on your own page. If you happen to forget to fill all of the link slots, then the affiliate links of the person who referred you will be shown instead of yours!



Another feature of My Viral Affiliate Site is their advertising. As a member, you can set up advertising and reach other members for free and very affordably.

Types of Advertising Available:

  • Text Ads
  • HTML Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Traffic Ads
  • Solo Ads

Advertising points you earn by clicking and reading other members’ ads are able to be exchanged for your own ads to post.

My Results: I personally have received the best results using the banner ads:

I basically trade all of my monthly points for banner ads.


Free Members: As a free member, you will receive 1,000 points upon joining. These points can be exchanged for advertising. You will also receive points for ever ad that you read and every banner ad, solo ad, and profile link you click. Basically every ad you click on results in earning points.

Elite Members: As an Elite Member, which costs $47 one-time, you will receive 100,000 points upon joining and 10,000 points every month thereafter. You will receive higher points for every ad clicked and viewed.

VIP Members: As a VIP Member, which costs $97 one-time, you will receive 200,000 points upon joining and 15,000 points every month thereafter. The ads that you read and click will be worth even more points than the Elite members. I am a VIP member, so I never try to collect points because I get them added every month.


Email Your Referrals

Aside from the advertising aspect of the site, I really love being able to email all of my referrals that I’ve signed up to My Viral Affiliate Site using the built-in mailer. You can email them every three days all at the same time. I suppose this could be a very simple, free way to build your own list, although I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on any ad platform for list-building.



My Viral Affiliate Site is a great way to display your top 10 favorite affiliate offers at the same time at no cost. You can promote your page on traffic sites, your blog, social media, etc. It can be very powerful since someone may be interested a more than one offer, potentially getting you sign-ups and sales in multiple opportunities.

The advertising within My Viral Affiliate Site can also be effective… I personally recommend the banner ads over the other types.


How to Join

If you’d like to get started with My Viral Affiliate Site, there is no cost involved. You can set up your own page with all your top affiliate offers right here.


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***Affiliate Disclosure***

I earn money by participating in affiliate programs. Many of the links on this blog earn affiliate commissions. This means I earn money whenever you purchase a product that I link to. When you see links on this blog, please assume they are affiliate links. At the same time, I must say that my core goal is to always recommend useful and valuable resources and content that empowers and educates affiliate marketers to become financially free.

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