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How to Get Over Your Fear of Video Marketing

As affiliate marketers, it seems we’re constantly hearing others talk about video marketing. Most agree that video marketing seems to be an excellent method to generate organic traffic, fresh leads, new subscribers, and sales. However, most affiliate marketers would also agree that video marketing is completely different than any other marketing method.

Unlike long blog posts, video is super easy for your viewers to digest. It allows you to create a personal message that your visitors can see and learn who you actually are, get a feel for your personality, recognize that you are genuine, and begin to build trust.

In 2021, YouTube took the 2nd place among the most popular social networks (worldwide), meanwhile, Tik-Tok became the leading short-video app. The trend isn’t exactly new. Most brands are already using video platforms to distribute their content and attract a larger audience. Some of the most successful affiliate marketers are doing it too.

Video has the ability to connect with emotions and that means your viewers are much more likely to share your message with the people they know. Also, videos posted on your YouTube channel will work for you like little virtual salespeople, building your business 24/7. Videos can also go viral, creating a wave of traffic to your affiliate offers virtually overnight.


Afraid of Video Marketing?

If you are afraid to dive into marketing videos, you aren’t alone. Many affiliate marketers are scared to death after hearing others describe it as ‘tough’ or ‘too hard for beginners.’ I’m here to tell and convince you that those are nothing but mere fallacies and that YOU can do this!

There’s a lot of negative talk around the marketing video, but think about this; if your competition can keep you away from creating successful videos, it’s better for them. They want to make it sound like videos are very difficult to make, they are not!


Video Marketing Myths

Contrary to what you might have been told, you do NOT need expensive camera equipment and you do NOT need expensive editing software to create a video that works. Your video also does not have to consume all of your time nor does it have to be difficult to make. Those are all myths and fallacies that are floating around the internet.


3 Super Easy Methods

The following are three super easy methods for creating videos without any expensive equipment.


Method #1: Cell Phone

So start right now – get out your smartphone and start creating a marketing video. You can make it short – that’s okay because your viewer’s attention spans are short. Talk your favorite online tool, resource, or money-making opportunity like your having a discussion with a friend.


Method #2: Screen Recording

You don’t even need a phone, webcam, or mike! This method is 100% free. Simply record your screen and create a tutorial video of your favorite site… like a walk-through or review video. I use a web-based software called Screencast-O-Matic, which is totally free. This is how I built my channel in the beginning.


Method #3: Webcam

You can purchase a webcam for under $50 or just use the one built-into your computer to create videos very easily. Nearly all computers have built-in webcams these days. As you would your phone, talk to the camera and provide useful information to your ideal audience.


What To Talk About

Here are some ideas on the types of videos you can create:

  • Tips
  • Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • How-To
  • Tutorials
  • Updates
  • Lists (think Top 5 or 10)


Posting On Social Media

Once you’re finished with your video, simply upload it to your YouTube channel and add a description with your affiliate link, social media profiles, and lead magnet to build your list (if you have one). Also add relevant tags so your video gets found in searches.


YouTube Tip #1: I recommend getting Tube Buddy, a free browser extension that integrates directly with your YouTube channel. This handy extension ensures your videos are set up for success, offers a variety of tools to help promote your videos across the web, lets you know if your thumbnails could be improved. 


YouTube Tip #2: I use and recommend Canva, a free and easy-to-use graphic software to create your video thumbnails. This is really important to making your videos stand out.


Be Consistent

The most important part of getting over your fear of video marketing is consistency. The more videos you create and post, the more comfortable you’ll be with video marketing in general. You’ll start to gain an audience, grow your subscriber base, and get more sales through video marketing.



It is time to lose your fears, forget what you have read and just go for it. You don’t need any fancy equipment or special skills. Start with a topic, create a solid plan, decide what you want to say and how you want to say it, and then go for it! After the first video, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take advantage of this powerful marketing method earlier.


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