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How to Get Instant YouTube Views for FREE

Want To Grow Your YouTube Channel?

Growing a YouTube channel takes time, waiting for their algorithm to find and rank your videos. After spending a few years growing my own YouTube channel, I realized that I could be using the traffic sources I was using to promote my online opportunities to promote my YouTube channel. Why had I not thought of this before?

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to start driving 100% FREE traffic to your YouTube channel to start getting more views, likes, and subscribers. As a result, your videos will most likely start to rank on YouTube, causing you to start receiving organic traffic from the platform. Please note this is most effective if your channel is related to making money online!

Check out the step-by-step process below. First, watch my video below to see how I set up everything and start getting free traffic to my channel.


Step 1: Create a FREE splash page on EasyHits4U

You’ll need to create a free account at EasyHits4U, which is a very established and respected traffic exchange. Then, create your splash page using their Easy Splash Builder tool. This splash page will help to brand yourself and link to your YouTube channel.

You can use either the wizard, which features pre-made templates, or start from scratch using the editor.

Here is an example of my splash page I’m using to promote my YouTube channel. The “User” part will be updated for whatever traffic source you’re promoting at. For example; if you promote this page at List Jumper, your page will say “Hi List Jumper User” (pretty cool).


Step 2: Start promoting your splash page

Now that your splash page is complete, you can add it to your EasyHits4U account (instructions in the video above) and start surfing to get views to your channel. You can also start promoting your new splash page at other manual traffic exchanges that will provide you with REAL views.

I recommend these…

Webmaster Quest

They’ve been around since year 2000, offering geo-targeted traffic and anti-cheat protection. Your definitely getting REAL traffic at this reputable traffic exchange!


Traffic Ad Bar

Receive guaranteed, real visitors to your link every month at this top traffic exchange! Get free points when you join and start promoting your splash page in front of thousands of real people world-wide.


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