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My Top 5 Traffic Coops for Cheap, Targeted & Steady Traffic

Affiliate marketers in the make money online (MMO) industry can utilize traffic coops or cooperatives to get real website views from hundreds and even thousands of other marketers. As a marketer, you probably have a website, blog, or lead capture page you’re promoting to generate leads. Traffic coops can send targeted traffic to your website and help you get more prospects while on a budget.


What Are Traffic Coops?

If you’re not familiar with traffic coops, they are sites that send traffic (web visitors) from many different sources, sometimes hundreds of sources, to their members’ websites. Some coops get traffic mostly from traffic exchanges while others generate traffic from other advertising sources. The target audience with traffic coops are people interested in making money online, traffic generation, and crypto. 



Paid Option

The easiest and most common way to participate in a traffic coop is to pay a monthly membership fee or purchase a share of the coop, which allows you to add your website to be rotated on hundreds of traffic sites along with all the other members of the coop. The monthly fees usually start at around $10 per month and go up from there, depending on how many visitors you want.


Free Option

Another option is the free route, which involves sending traffic to your coop link. When you join a coop, you will get your own coop link. By advertising your coop link in traffic exchanges, you will earn credits, which you can assign to your website. The more credits you have assigned, the more your site will display in other members’ coops links on all the traffic sources.


Why Use Traffic Coops?

Traffic coops are a great way to get real, targeted visitors to your website while on a budget. Using traffic coops is much more affordable that purchasing solo ads, classified ads, and MMO leads.

Also, traffic coops eliminate the frustration of trying to figure out which traffic sources are the best. The best traffic coops only keep the highest-performing traffic sites in their network, providing members with the best traffic possible.


How to Get Results With Traffic Coops

There is a right way and a wrong way to use traffic coops. Simply joining a coop doesn’t mean you will get the results you desire. If you want to actually generate leads and sign-ups to your offer, which is likely your goal, you should definitely NOT promote your opportunity’s direct affiliate link in traffic coops. Most of the people who are promoting the same opportunity are doing this, so it’s a no-go.

If you want to get the best possible results, create a custom funnel with an engaging lead capture page that intrigues prospects enough that they are prompted to provide their name and email address.

You can create a free lead capture page at LeadsLeap (my #1 all-in-one affiliate marketing platform).

Once you capture their info, you can then send them to a bridge page that does the selling (video and sign-up link). The whole point is to be building your list, which is your biggest asset as a marketer. This is why you should avoid making amateur marketing mistakes like promoting your replicated opportunity website.


Which Traffic Coops I Recommend

There are many traffic coops available to network marketers, but the best ones are run by honest, trusted owners and only allow quality traffic sources in their networks. I’ve seen traffic coops come and go over the years, so this list contains my top 5 recommended coops for receiving the best possible results.


The Downliner

The Downliner is my #1 pick because it’s been around for years and features over 8,500 different traffic sources. This coop goes beyond all the others. You can post to social media, integrate your autoresponder, and use many different types of advertising such as login ads, banners, and text ads. Free members are welcome and upgrades starts at under $10 per month. Get your account here.


Viral Traffic Coop

Viral Traffic Coop is owned by Darren Olander, who tests and tracks hundreds of traffic sources and delivers on his best-recommended traffic to your site. This saves you hundreds of dollars in advertising if purchased separately from these individual sources. Each coop share costs $25 (one-time fee) and must be purchased before the first of the month. Sign up here.


Harvest Traffic Coop

While a newer coop, Harvest Traffic Coop is fast-growing and delivering real results for members. Their coop frame doesn’t contain any banners, rating systems, or any other type of ad that would take away attention from the members’ websites displayed. You can use this coop as a free member or purchase a very cheap monthly upgrade for under $10. Get your free account here.


Actual Hits 4 U

Actual Hits 4 U Coop has been around since 2015, delivering millions of hits to its members’ websites. So far, they are currently delivering traffic from over 850 sources! They also provide a $1 sign-up bonus and free advertising credits once you sign up. Get your free account here.


Legacy Team Coop

If you want to get a ton of traffic to your ads with no work, check out Legacy Team Coop. They have been in business since 2016 and provide a simple and fun themed site for affiliate marketers to easily get traffic from a wide variety of sources. They use some of the traffic traffic exchanges like EasyHits4U and TrendTraxPro in their network. Get your free account here.



Traffic coops are available for internet marketers to use and start getting more exposure to their sites. There are free and paid options, so anyone can use them as part of their lead generation strategies. Have you used traffic coops? If so, which is your favorite? Please share in the comments below.


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