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How to Create A Basic Sales Funnel: Step-By-Step Tutorial

You Don’t Need Expensive Funnel Software

Before I dive into the training on how to create a basic sales funnel, I just want to mention that I’m aware of many of the funnel builders available, many charging upwards of $100 per month. This is ridiculous to me because building funnels is just one aspect of internet marketing, you’ll also need an email list management software and other tools. As you can see, online marketing soon becomes a massive monthly expense. Fortunately, I have found a way around spending money on several marketing tools.


The All-In-One (Affordable) Solution

For the past 5+ years, I’ve been using a software that does pretty much all of my internet marketing in one place. It’s not the fanciest software with a celebrity name backing it, but it does the job and I feel very confident recommending it to other affiliate marketers on the budget.

It’s called LeadsLeap and many affiliate marketers have never heard of it. This under-the-radar platform handles all my of my sales funnels, including my landing pages, capture pages, email lists, link tracking, pop-up forms, and TRAFFIC GENERATION for just $27 per month. Yes, you saw that right. LeadsLeap not only offers a full suite of marketing tools, but it’s also a traffic generation platform that not gets your ads seen by other marketers, but works very effectively. I have received numerous sales to my offers from LeadsLeap’s traffic, which is geared to the make-money-online industry.


Why LeadsLeap Is the Best All-In-One Sales Funnel System

Reason #1 – You NEVER Lose Your Email List(s)! Watch my video below to see why I love LeadsLeap.

While this post isn’t meant to be a full review of LeadsLeap (that’s for another post), this tutorial is referring to LeadsLeap, so if you do not already have an account with LeadsLeap you can set it up 100% for FREE. Okay, now let’s get started with this tutorial…


Step 1: Create Your Lead Magnet/Freebie Offer

Before you start creating your funnel, you’ll need a FREE offer to get people to want to subscribe to your email list. This “freebie” can be an ebook, report, or anything of VALUE to your target market.

In the video tutorial below, I show you how to use LeadsLeap’s free landing page builder to create a page for your lead magnet.

NOTE: If you already have an ebook or freebie you created in another platform, such as Designrr, Google Docs, or Canva, then you can skip this step!


Step 2: Set Up Your Email List & Series

In this step, you will be creating an email list and setting it up in LeadsLeap. The video tutorial below walks you through step-by-step how to do this.

***IMPORTANT: I forgot to mention in the video to PUT YOUR LEAD MAGNET/FREEBIE IN YOUR WELCOME EMAIL. All you need to do is simply hyperlink to your landing page url (in step 1) or to any freebie you have made in another platform. Below this video I have created a sample welcome email for delivering your freebie offer to new subscribers. Feel free to use it and modify for your welcome email.


Example Welcome Email

Email Subject:

Your free ebook!


Email Body:

Hi ~firstname~,

You just requested my free ebook:

5 Ways To Earn $100+ Daily On Twitter”  (HYPERLINK TEXT & LINK TO YOUR FREEBIE)

I just wanted to make sure you received it.

After all, you wouldn’t want to miss these tips I share about how I’ve grown my Twitter business from zero to $150 per day… all using free methods.


Thank you for subscribing and stay tuned for more free tips on social media marketing.



John Doe

[insert signature link/photo]


Step 3: Create Your Lead Capture Page

Once you have your email list and series set up, now it’s time to create your lead capture page. Follow my step-by-step video tutorial below to learn exactly how to set up a lead capture page in LeadsLeap. The purpose of the lead capture page is to COLLECT SUBSCRIBERS/OPT-INS.

How it Works

Once a person fills out your lead capture page form, they will see a pop-up form that says they need to check their email to confirm their subscription to your list.









Upon their completing this verification process, they will become a subscriber on your email list and will receive your Welcome Email.

How to Create Your Lead Capture Page/Opt-in Page


Start Promoting Your Funnel

Now you are finished creating your funnel, all you need to do is start promoting your lead capture page URL and start driving targeted traffic to it. If you’re in the make-money-online niche, you can go ahead and set up your ads on LeadsLeap (see video below). For other niches, you can implement your own custom traffic strategy using a combination of organic SEO, social media, and other effective strategies outlined in my blog.



I hope you found value in this tutorial on how to create a basic sales funnel. The beautiful things about using an all-in-one lead generation software like LeadsLeap are obviously saving tons of money on monthly expenses and simplifying your marketing. My list has been growing daily with new subscribers, so I can honestly recommend this software to all affiliate marketers who want an affordable option without all the hype of more well-known platforms. If you have any questions, please comment below and feel free to share you results.


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