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Differentiate Yourself And Attract More Affiliate Sales

Differentiate and you stand out in a crowded niche. This is especially true if you’re an affiliate marketer in the MMO (make money online) niche.

Present and emphasize your uniqueness in your sales copy and promotions and you’ll capture the imagination and interest of those you want to reach.

In a world of copycat affiliates, it pays to be an original. Throughout history, it’s usually the creator of a new concept who gets the most mileage from it. Innovative entrepreneurs often become market leaders while their competitors keep doing things the same old way – until change is forced upon them. Affiliate marketing is no different.



Differentiate or Die

Differentiate your online business and you attract attention. You’re new, different – even revolutionary – and your content is the kind of thing that generates excitement and creates a stir. After all, few new prospects would be drawn to you — if you were doing the exact same thing, the exact same way as everyone else.

Consider this question…

“What could you do to differentiate yourself, your online business, or your promotions in a way prospects would appreciate?” 

Putting an effective new spin on your business should be done with the needs and desires or your customers and prospects in mind. Differentiate from their point of view.

What changes can you implement that would make prospects say “Wow!”?

Think in terms of what people want. Essentially, they want to be entertained. They want to solve problems with less effort. They want instant gratification. They want respect and to be treated as VIP’s. They want to do business with people who care about them. Differentiate in a way that appeals to these desires.


Differentiate and Gain A Huge Advantage

Look at every facet of your business and compare the way you do things to the way competitor does. Are you operating in a similar manner? How might you do things differently? What changes could you make in that area that your prospects would truly appreciate and value?

Re-invent your branding and marketing materials as though you were the prospect. Design everything from the customer’s point of view. Take “tradition” and turn it upside down. Recast your business. Make it more user-friendly and benefit-oriented. Blaze a new trail… even if it means re-inventing your entire industry.

Take a close look at your niche. How could you change things in a way that creates interest, desire, curiosity, and more sales?

In a world of apples, it pays to be an orange.

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