Monthly Affiliate Income Report

August 2022 Affiliate Income Report

My August 2022 Affiliate Earnings

Hello my affiliate marketing friends! Here is my August affiliate earnings report. Last month was very stressful and busy as I’ve been in the process of selling my home. I didn’t really put much effort into my marketing, thus resulting in a decline in sales.

A myth about earning passive income with affiliate marketing is that you can just set it up and let everything roll on autopilot and the passive income will keep coming in. That is somewhat true, but you also have to keep putting in effort or you will likely see a decline over time. Where you fail to put your energy will ultimately start to decline. As you can see, my affiliate income has been declining over the past few months because of my negligence.

What I’m doing about it

Because of this decline, I decided to totally re-design my brand and change my mindset about my business. After thinking A LOT about my blog, I realized I was not treating it like a real online business, but rather a side hobby. I believe that once I start taking my online business seriously, I’ll start earning serious income.

Now I’m definitely not complaining about the income I’m currently making… I’m very grateful for it because it’s helping supplement my virtual assistance income, but I could be doing sooo much better if I did things differently.

So, over the coming weeks you’ll be seeing changes with my branding, social media, lead magnets, affiliate offers, etc. Passive Income Rising is now my priority and I aim to make it great. I hope to earn at least $10k per month in passive income 6-12 months from now and help a lot of people in the process.


Please note…

The amounts below were actually paid out. I did not include commissions that are pending payout or that I have yet to withdraw. I only listed amounts earned by affiliate marketing – not Google Adsense from my YouTube channel or this blog.


Total Affiliate Income for August: $925.86

Wealthy Affiliate – $23.50

LeadsLeap – $320.00

Prosperity Marketing System – $188.08

Free Advertising For You – $158.72

Viral Mailer For You – $22.41

My Lead Gen Secret – $106.00

EasyCash4Ads – $14

The Downliner – $38.68

State-Of-The-Art Mailer – $2.03

SlickText – $28.20

Viral Traffic Coop – $24.24


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***Affiliate Disclosure***

I earn money by participating in affiliate programs. Many of the links on this blog earn affiliate commissions. This means I earn money whenever you purchase a product that I link to. When you see links on this blog, please assume they are affiliate links. At the same time, I must say that my core goal is to always recommend useful and valuable resources and content that empowers and educates affiliate marketers to become financially free.


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7 thoughts on “August 2022 Affiliate Income Report

  1. Thanks for an informative post April. I also liked the last video you put up on YouTube. The message was pretty much the same as this one, you have to treat it like a business.

  2. You are so transparent and honest. It’s nice to see in today’s world. However, in my experience, you can earn a lot more in passive income if you concentrated your efforts on a few good programs. I do Wealthy Affiliate, Lead Gen Secrets, AWeber,getresponse, and my top passive income producer is HBA Funnel Builder. Surprised you are not doing that one. With your experience, you will do well with HBA. Anyway, good luck. I’m always interested in your traffic ideas. They are great.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree it’s best to focus on a few programs. This list is an breakdown of all the sites, most I’m not really focused on.

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