One of the reasons I chose to partner with Touchstone Essentials is because of their lucrative and fair unilevel compensation plan. As a VBO or Visionary Business Owner, you can earn nine different ways. The compensation plan is meant is keep getting better the more your downline grows. Keep in mind that affiliates can also earn lifetime commissions, but just on their direct referrals.

9 Ways To Earn With Touchstone Essentials

#1: Retail Bonus – When you purchase products at VBO discounted pricing and then sell at retail pricing in person. Also, you can simply refer people to your online retail site and earn the profits!

#2: Referral Bonus – When you refer people to the products via your online website. They can be a customer, affiliate, or VBO. You earn 25% bonus on their first order and every order they place in their first 90 days… even if they order 5 times.

#3: Residual Bonus – When you build a team and you unlock new ranks depending on your level of volume. You are paid a residual bonus after your customers/affiliates/VBOs first 90 days referral bonuses. Earn 5-9% on all volume and levels. Get paid on ALL of your sales with this unilevel plan as your team grows.

#4: Advanced Referral Bonus – Once you have 10 or more people you personally refer purchasing 50 PV (product volume) per month, you can triple your first level payout every from 5% to 15%.

#5: Rank Advancement Bonus – There are extra rewards for achieving ranks for those just starting out, beginning at the Regional Manager Level up to the Director level. This is to help you generate cashflow quickly.

#6: Star Bonus – VBOs with Advantage Status starting at the National level get extra one-time Star Bonuses. They start at $500 and go up to $75,000.

#7: Team Builder Bonus – When your team success, you are also rewarded. When someone you personally enrolled earns a Rank Advancement Bonus, you also earn a 100% Matching Bonus! Whatever they earn, you also earn!

#8: Royalty Bonus – When you earn a percentage of what your team members earn! Once you achieve the Director rank, you earn royalties, which are percentages of the Residual Bonuses of your personally enrolled team members’…month after month. As your team grows, you can access more levels of Royalty Bonuses, up to level 5!

#9: Infinity Bonus – Once you reach Ambassador Rank, earning an extra 1-2% paid on your entire sales organization down to the next qualified Ambassador!


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Whether you want to join as a customer, free affiliate, or VBO and build a team, you can do it at Touchstone Essentials. Join a solid company with solid leadership and all the tools you need to succeed, whether you are a complete newbie or networking pro!

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