Many unknowing people get involved in network marketing opportunities without understanding they are being scammed. This is why it’s always essential for a marketer to think prudently and investigate properly before entering the network marketing scene and stay away from the companies that apply unethical tactics to generate profits.

Here are 6 tips for avoiding network marketing scams:


Research, research, research!

It’s so important to research the company and its management before joining. Read reviews online from customers, distributers, and employees. Make sure the company has contact information and is reputable.


Read & review

Make sure to read the policy and procedures before you join. If you want to go a step further, have a lawyer review any agreement before you sign anything.


Be smart 

You should understand the compensation plan and make sure you’re being paid for the sales you and your downline generate, not on the amount of people you recruit – the latter is an illegal pyramid scheme.


Get the details

Find out whether upline support is available and if the company invests resources in training their distributers. Only viable companies will invest in training their staff.


Check joining fees

If the company is asking for several hundred or even thousands to join upfront, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. Most companies these days cost under $100 to join.


Don’t believe this

Remember that any company that promises overnight profits is full of crap. Network marketing success always takes time and effort.



By following the above tips, you can reduce the chances of getting scammed by a network marketing company and hence focus your efforts in a reliable, realistic company. If you’re looking for a company to partner with, learn about the company I believe is the best and why I chose to join.


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