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6 Free Ways To Advertise Your Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketers are always seeking free ways to advertise their offers. However, finding effective advertising sources without spending money can be a challenge. Free advertising methods can be a waste of time, while paid methods can be a waste of money. So it really comes down to your level of risk aversion. Are you willing to potentially waste your time or money on experimenting with advertising methods? No affiliate wants to waste either!

My goal has always been to uncover the best resourceful affiliate marketing methods for my audience. I won’t lie and say I’ve found the complete solution. I still experiment with traffic methods all the time, and what works for one affiliate in a certain niche may not work for another affiliate in the same or different niche. It really comes down to what advertising methods appeal to you, what you believe in, and how much time/money/effort you are willing to invest.

Below are 6 free ways to advertise your affiliate offers:


Social Media

There are many different social media platforms, but not all of them will reach your target audience and generate the clicks (and sales) you want. You need to match the products with the right customer base. To become a successful affiliate, you must go to the people instead of waiting for them to find you. Different social media platform allow you to promote your affiliate products and engage with the right audience by posting your content where the people already are.

Youtube – the world’s most popular video content platform. Millions of people are on YouTube every day, viewing and looking for new content on every topic imaginable. That’s the reason why affiliate marketers are always searching for a way to market their products or services on YouTube.

Facebook – one of the oldest but still highly used social media platforms for promoting affiliate links and products. With many ways of utilizing the platform, you can reach free traffic and convert clicks into sales with creativity and enticing content.

Twitter – mainly for those who can grab attention with a few catchy phrases or words. By limiting users to 280 characters, Twitter requires wit and click-worthy promotions that are straight to the point.

Pinterest – most known for providing ideas and inspiration for DIY projects, home decor, and products people want to buy. This social media platform has great potential because it serves as a search engine as well.

TikTok – shine through short videos and creativity. Promote affiliate products, links, and unique offers, properly monetize your content, and go viral quickly, even without showing your face on camera.


Classified Ads

These are great for make-money-online and work-from-home affiliate offers. Think about it. Where do people go when they are looking for a job or opportunity to earn money? That’s right- the classifieds. The only downside to classified ads is that you have to resubmit them quite frequently. Once you find which classifieds bring you the most traffic you can concentrate on them and weed the others out. So it is really more time consuming in the beginning, and doesn’t have to be later on when you get the hang of things.

Craigslist – remains a popular destination for finding products and services to buy and sell. Business owners and marketers can advertise both B2C and B2B products or services on Craigslist.

ClassifiedAds – features well-defined categories and strong search functions. They do a good job of monitoring and filtering the content posted on the site.

Adpost – this popular platform has a presence in over 1,000 cities in over 500 regions, as well as over 30 million views a month and thousands of daily replies to listings.

Sales Spider – helps SMB owners and executives grow their businesses and is completely free to register. Sales Spider has approximately 2.2 million members and is growing by thousands a day.


Free Article Submission Sites

A great way to inform others about your affiliate product or service is to write an article about it. Most article submission sites allow you to post your links in your authors resource box, where you can tell readers about yourself and where they can go to check out your recommended product or service. This is also an excellent way to get free links back to your website or blog if you have one.

Medium – an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.

Ezine Articles – allows writers to publish articles that include a special area at the end called a resource box.

Hubpages – a unique publishing platform and community of writers and readers.

Article Biz – allows writers to submit their articles for maximum exposure.

Linkedin – the only social platform where you can publish long-form articles from your Page, generating community conversations.

Sooper Articles – provides authors a niche to submit high quality unique contents in our platform to get traffic and massive exposure.

Article Seen – get free distribution of your articles to quality sites and blogs with links back to your website.


Traffic Exchanges

Probably the most time-consuming way to advertise for free, but definitely can be effective at getting your affiliate offers in front of a targeted audience quickly. The two main types of traffic exchanges are surf exchanges and safelist mailers. Most of the members of these sites are promoting offers in the MMO (make money online) niche. Here is a list of my top traffic exchanges, including both surf exchanges and safelist mailers.

Surf Exchanges where you “surf” other members websites for credits you can allocate to your own websites. There’s usually a countdown timer so members have to view sites for a specific period (usually 6-10 seconds) before moving onto the next website. Once the timer is up, you will receive credits you can allocate to your website(s) for other members to view when surfing.

Safelist Mailers – where you view emails from other members of the safelist mailer site who have opted in to receive emails to view for credits they can use to send their own email promotions. Within each email you receive will be a link to the website that member is promoting with a count-down timer (usually 6-10 seconds). Once the timer is up, you will receive credits you can use to reach members of the mailer with your own promotion.

If you don’t want to spend the time surfing websites or clicking links in emails for credits at surf exchanges and safelist mailers, you do have the option of buying them at very affordable prices.



An affiliate marketing blog is one of the best ways for bloggers to monetize their content and earn a living promoting products they believe. Having a blog allow affiliate marketers to brand themselves and become an authority in their niche, build a list, and more. If you’re not much of a writer, you can always use PLR (private label rights) content with your own spin or hire a content writer on Fiverr. Having a blog allows affiliates more control over their content versus an article submission sites, plus endless methods for monetization. You can learn more about how to start a niche affiliate blog for free here.


URL Submissions

Probably the quickest and easiest thing to do to advertise your site. Just type “Free URL submission” in your search engine. When you get a list just enter the URL you are promoting and click submit. That’s it. It only takes a few seconds and your done.

Submit X Free URL Submission​​ is the ONLY free online directory submission service that targets your submission to relevant directories!

Free Web Submission – provides free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, free internet search engines and directories.

Entire Web – has been used by over 5 million people for free site submission to search engines.


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