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6 Affordable UDimi Solo Ad Alternatives

While UDimi is a reputable, popular solo ad marketplace, there are other options out there for email advertising. I’m referring to contact solo ads. Using contact solo ads is a more affordable alternative that allows you to reach targeted prospects who are already in the make-money online and affiliate marketing industry.


What Are Contact Solo Ads?

Many safelist mailers offer members the ability to purchase solo ads that go out to their entire database of members for a one-time fee (usually under $20). Some mailers have ten of thousands of members, so this can very cost-effective.


Why Use Contact Solo Ads?

The members of safelist mailers are interested in making money online, network marketing, lead generation, and getting traffic. That means you don’t have to sell them on the idea of what we’re doing. These are the best prospects because they’re ALREADY familiar with online marketing! When you send a contact solo ad, you will be reaching your ideal prospect.


List Solo Ads & Contact Solo Ads Aren’t the Same!

Many mailers offer both list solo ads and contact solo ads. Both get sent to their entire database of members, but the difference between the two is that list solo ads will get sent to the members’ LIST emails. That’s the email they use to receive the safelist emails, so it may contain thousands of emails from other members. Not the best choice if you want your email to get opened and read by the highest number of members.

On the other hand, contact solo ads get sent to the members’ contact email address, which is their MAIN email. This means your email has a much higher chance of getting viewed by the members! Contact solo ads may cost a little more than list solo ads, but the results are usually worth it because they are getting sent to the members’ primary emails.


How They Work

When you purchase a contact solo ad, you pick the subject line, message, and the link. Nobody writes the ad copy for you, like with UDimi solo ads. You are in complete control of the ad copy. After the admin of the site approves the ad, they will send it out to 100% double opt-in members of the list.


Where to Purchase Contact Solo Ads

If you want to purchase a contact solo ad, it’s best to go to an established safelist mailer site that has a large database of active members. Below are my recommended places to purchase contact solo ads. They are in no particular order.


Free Safelist Mailer

Free Safelist Mailer has over 46,000 members and a cheat-proof system that makes members view your solo ad for a  full 30 seconds without clicking off your site. If they click off, the timer stops and they can’t get their bonus credits until the countdown timer finishes. Super Solo Ads are sent to the entire database of Free Safe Mailer’s members’ contact email address for just a one-time $20 fee. Join here


European Safelist

European Safelist has over 16,000 members and has been around since 2007.  You can send a contact solo ad to their entire database of members for just $12.50. They will also give you a free contact solo ad every month if you upgrade to Pro, which is just $7 per month. Join here



AdSolutionLine allows you to reach over 13,000 active members their contact solo ads, which cost $35 each. The admin manually approves your email before sending it out. This mailer has been around for many years and has very positive testimonials from members. I personally have been a member for nearly 10 years. Join here


Global Safelist

With over 19,000 members Global Safelist is another long-standing safelist mailer that’s been around since 2005. Their contact solo ads are sent to their entire database of active members (to their contact emails) and cost only $12. Join here


Million Leads For Free

While this is not a safelist mailer, they sell contact solo ads and have been around since 2008. Prices start at $30 to reach 5,000 members’ contact email address. These are all people who have double opted-in and are already interested in network marketing or making money online. Join here


Herculist PLUS

Herculist has been around for many years and boasts over 157,000 members! They often have solo ads specials including their Mega-Mail submissions that get send to their entire database’s contact emails. Herculist will often submit your ad multiple times and get you massive exposure, all for around $20. They are a very popular, active safelist mailer. Join here



Contact solo ads can be a fantastic way to reach thousands of targeted prospects quickly and affordably. Using mailers to purchase contact solo ads is a great alternative to more expensive solo ad options. Just one contact solo ad submission can get you dozen of leads and maybe even a couple of sales within 24 to 48 hours! Comment and share your experiences using contact solo ads!


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