Today I received my Advantage Pack from Touchstone Essentials! This is exciting to me because I’ve been waiting to try the products in the pack. I purchased the Advantage Pack on May 18th (which is the day I became an Advantage VBO member) and it arrived just 4 days later.

I want to mention that the Advantage membership is totally optional and NOT required to earn a great residual income with Touchstone Essentials!


5 Reasons I Decided To Become An Advantage Member

Here are the main reasons I decide to go Advantage.


Reason #1: I wanted to position myself for success

Since I am committed to taking this business seriously and seeing it grow for many years ahead, it only made sense to go all in with the company.


Reason #2: I could afford it

I don’t believe in pressuring or pushing anyone to purchase something they can not afford. Fortunately, I had enough money saved up to purchase the pack.


Reason #3: I really wanted to try the products

Being that I am recovering from health issues, I really wanted to try out many of the products. The Advantage Pack allows you to try everything and save a ton of money! Also, all of the products are organic, pure, and nourishing for my body. So it’s an investment in my health anyway!


Reason #4: I wanted to learn more about the products

By trying all the products, I can now learn first hand about them to best help my downline. I can now share my experiences and answer their questions better than if I had not tried them.


Reason #5: Advantage VBOs earn more money

If you want to maximize the compensation plan, Advantage VBO is a must. Advantage members earn Star Bonuses and more levels of residual income.


What’s In The Advantage Pack

The Advantage Pack includes:

  • 2x Soothe Topical CBD Balm
  • 2x Calm Premium CBD Oil (750 MG)
  • 2x Pure Body Extra Zeolite
  • 2x Pure Body Zeolite
  • 2x Super Green Juice
  • 2x Super Organic Protein
  • 1x Boost Focus Fuel
  • 1x Essentials
  • 1x Wellspring
  • 1x Green Energy
  • 1x Super Greens + D

Plus the annual VBO pass ($20) is included!


How Much Is It?

The cost to become an Advantage VBO member is a one-time $665. Again, this is an optional add-on for VBOs who want to try all Touchstone Essential’s best-selling products at a significant discount and position themselves for greater referral rewards.



If you’d like to learn more about Touchstone Essentials products or why I choose to partner with them, read my post 15 Reasons Touchstone Essentials Is The Best Network Marketing Business. 

If you’ve already decided you’d like to partner with us, whether as a free affiliate or VBO, click the link below to get all the info!

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Income Disclosure

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