There are hundreds of network marketing businesses available to choose from, but if you’re looking for a company built on integrity and solid leadership, you’ll find fewer options. I knew I wanted to partner with an organic wellness company since I am dealing with inflammation, joint pain and stiffness. I did a lot of research on various business opportunities and was fortunate to find Touchstone Essentials.

Here are 15 reasons I personally believe Touchstone is the best direct sales company – possibly even the best direct sales company in general – to partner with. This post is based on my own personal opinion and is not meant to slander any other network marketing company.



An organization is only as solid as its leaders. The founder at Touchstone Essentials, Eddie Stone, is product-focused and customer-eccentric. He has decades of experience in the supplement and direct sales industry, puts distributers first, and is always striving to improve whenever possible.


Well-Established Company

Touchstone Essentials has been around since 2012, making it an established and debt-free company. It’s beyond the start-up phase and is positioned for massive growth. Now is the perfect time to start building a business with this company.


Organic, Whole Food Formulas

Organic supplements are continuing to be in high demand. People are starting to realize that the food they eat has a huge impact on their overall health. Thousands of people are switching to the organic product lifestyle. Touchstone Essentials has extremely high-quality organic, whole food supplements. They are exclusive to Touchstone.


Nutritional Company First

Touchstone was founded on whole food nutrition, making it a product-based company. Nutrition and wellness is the foundation of the company! Touchstone Essentials was born in 2012 with a vision of organic goodness accessible to everyone.


Sustainable Practices

The company goes beyond by bottling their supplements in amber glass, only partnering with farmers following organic, sustainable practices, packaging green, having a remote team, and more. It means a lot knowing that a company cares about the protecting the environment.


No Inventory

You don’t need an inventory if you sign up with Touchstone Essentials. With most direct sales companies, you need to purchase a small or large amount of product with some discount to sell it and earn a profit. With Touchstone, you don’t need to own an inventory to become an affiliate or VBO. You also don’t need to worry about buy, packing, and lastly shipping products whenever an order is placed. Your orders are sold online and shipped to the customer’s address directly.


Gift Card Program

The gift card program is available to VBOs and is an amazing way to encourage others to try the products. Simply give away codes for $50 off any order of $75 or more and STILL earn full commission on the orders. No other company that I know of offers this type of gift card program where reps still earn full commission.


Unilevel Compensation Plan

After trying a couple other network marketing companies, I realized the only comp plan I’m interested in is the unilevel. With Touchstone, you get paid on ALL of the sales in your ENTIRE organization, not just one leg! Check out the 9 ways VBOS get paid to see the power of this comp plan.


International Opportunity

If you’re going to join a network marketing company, make sure it is a true INTERNATIONAL opportunity. Why? Because there are more than 7 billion people in the world. Do not limit yourself to a company that only does business in one or two countries. Touchstone ships to nearly 60 different countries.


Free Cutting-Edge Marketing Tools

The first question to ask before you join any network marketing company should be:

“How am I going to find customers and promote my business?”

Touchstone has the most cutting-edge, effective marketing system I have seen in this industry. Best of all, it’s 100% free for everyone. You get a wealth of free tools and resources to help you promote your business.


3 Ways To Partner With Touchstone

There are several options for collaborating with this company, depending on your goals:


VBO ($20 per year)

The Visionary Business Owner program is for those wanting to build a team with Touchstone and earn 9 different ways. VBOs have access to the gift card program and can grow their organization as large as they wish, earning passive income on product re-orders for life. This allows for true walk-away passive income.


Affiliate Program (FREE)

The free affiliate program is offered to those who don’t want to build a team but still want to earn commissions promoting Touchstone’s products. These commissions are paid only on the first level – direct customers – and are lifetime! Affiliates also get access to the same marketing tools and resources for free!


Influencer Program

Touchstone offers an influencer program for those with a large following such as health bloggers and professional athletes.


Virtual & Live Events

From virtual events to live, in-person mastermind events, the leaders at Touchstone are always providing on-going training to help anyone who is serious about building an amazing home-based business with little overhead.


Get Started Today!

Whether you want to join as a customer, free affiliate, or VBO and build a team, you can do it at Touchstone Essentials. Join a solid company with solid leadership and all the tools you need to succeed, whether you are a complete newbie or networking pro!

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