Getting involved with a network marketing company definitely has its pros and cons. It’s definitely not for everybody. While no business model is perfect, I’m going to share with you 12 reasons you need a network marketing business. These are based on my own opinion.


Reason #1: Save money on taxes and keep more money you make

This is the #1 reason to have a home-based business. The tax laws in the USA are designed for entrepreneurs, not employees. When you have your own home-based business, you get to deduct expenses and then pay taxes on your profits, whereas as an employee you do not get those same deductions. Many of the “deductions” you get are expenses you already had prior to starting your business like internet service and your cell phone bill.


Reason #2: Flexibility

With your own home-based business, you can work when you want to. You can create a flexible work schedule around your regular job, family, and other commitments. You can work in the mornings, in the afternoon or even late at night.


Reason #3: Be your own boss

There’s nothing like being your own boss. As an independent contractor, you call the shots and make the decisions about when, how, and when you work. With that comes responsibilities such as paying self employment taxes.


Reason #4: Help people

One great thing about a network marketing business is that you can help people. In fact, the only way to grow a big income is to serve and help others. The size of your check is a direct reflection of how well you do that.


Reason #5: Meet new people

When you get involved in network marketing, you deal with all kinds of people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. Most of them are on a quest to better their own lives and achieve financial freedom. So you already have those things in common, most likely. You can make new connections all around the world!


Reason #6: Learn new skills

As a home-based business owner, you will inevitably learn new skills such as marketing and sales. Who knows, you might even discover you are skilled at different things you never even imagined? Growth is inevitable if you are serious about your business.


Reason #7: Become a mentor

First you are the student, then you become the teacher! There is such gratification in mentoring others and seeing their success and lives changing for the better.


Reason #8: Less risk

Compared to a traditional business, a network marketing business normally costs less than $100 to get started. While every company varies, the company I am involved with offers a 100% free affiliate program and Visionary Business Owner program for $20 per year.  The only thing you must invest is your time. The risk is so low, in most costs, that many people quit.


Reason #9: Less stress

The average employee is worried about their job security. The average business owner is worried about how they are going to pay their monthly overhead. With a home-based network marketing business, you don’t have those things to stress about.


Reason #10: Personal development

One of the favorite things about being a network marketer is personal growth. This is the only industry I have ever participated in where personal growth is promoted and encouraged. You have the opportunity to develop yourself into an amazing person.


Reason #11: Earn passive income

Network marketing companies, in general, offer compensation plans that can allow you to earn passive income from the volume of product from your team… for life! The ability to be able to have time freedom is priceless.


Reason #12: Brand yourself

The most successful network marketers build their own brand first… they are their own business. The network marketing company they choose to partner with directly correlates with their own personal story and values. This approach open up a world of new opportunities for growing your team!



There are many reasons that network marketing is a great choice for people who are seeking a low-risk, low-investment home-based business. Personally, I have a virtual assistant business and a network marketing business. However, I am not earning passive income from my VA business. If I take time off, get ill, or can’t work for whatever reason, I don’t make money. which is why I also do network marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the network company I have partnered with, check it out here.


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