12 Effective Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Blog

Make Affiliate Marketing Work – No Blog Method

Having a blog when doing affiliate marketing is ideal because it set you up as an authority in your niche, allows your content to get picked up in search engines, and provides a platform for you to promote all your offers and services.

However, having a blog is NOT essential or required to earn with affiliate marketing. No blog? No problem! There are many affiliate marketers who utilize other platforms and methods to generate traffic to their offers without any blog whatsoever. And the earn thousands per month doing it!

**On a side note, if you want to learn how to blog for affiliate marketing, read this post

Read on to learn 12 effective ways to do affiliate marketing blog-free! So you don’t have to worry about hosting, domains, learning WordPress, writing content, etc.


Important Consideration

Before you start trying to drive traffic to your raw affiliate links, realize that having a list is every affiliate marketer’s biggest asset. It’s best to promote a lead capture page that collects subscribers rather than promoting a raw affiliate link. This way you can continue promoting other affiliate offers to your subscribers for years to come.


Video Marketing

Having a YouTube channel where you provide regular content about your niche is a very effective method affiliate marketers can use to generate free traffic to their offers. Types of content include product reviews, comparisons, how-to guides, and tips. Simply link to your relevant affiliate offer in the video descriptions to earn affiliate commissions. I recommend using this free browser extension to help your videos rank higher in YouTube.

Now that Tiktoc is growing in popularity, many affiliate marketers are also using this newer video sharing platform to build an audience and promote their offers in their profiles.


Social Media Groups

Affiliate marketers can create groups on social media platforms such as Facebook and MeWe, connect with their target audience and promote relevant affiliate offers to their group members. The bigger your group grows, the bigger your audience and opportunity to earn affiliate commissions from your promotions within your group. And if you’re the owner of the group, you can post your offers anytime and pin them to the top of the post feed (in Facebook).



Did you know that Twitter receives more than 2 billion search queries per day? Thousands of affiliate marketers are using twitter to promote their affiliate offers via tweets. I am no expert in Twitter marketing strategy, but you essential build your following within your niche, provide relevant content, then promote your related offers occasionally.


Facebook Pages

Some affiliate marketers are making a killer with their Facebook pages. You can set up a Facebook page for every niche you are promoting (if you have several non-related offers). Provide useful content on your page regularly and then boost your best posts for a few bucks to get likes to your page. The larger your following, the more traffic to your offers you’ll receive.



Another way affiliates are promoting without having a blog is on Instagram. While you cannot put links in your posts, you can put a link in your profile description. Just like other social platforms, provide useful and relevant content on a regular basis to grow your following and some will see your profile link, which ideally should be a lead capture page.



Webtalk is growing in popularity as affiliate marketers can actually get paid cash rewards to be active. Affiliate can connect with their target audience globally, post relevant content, and promote affiliate offers. Webtalk has free and paid memberships, the free has more limitations but still allows for affiliates a ton of possibility. Get a free account here



CashJuice is another social media platform that pays members while allowing them to promote their own affiliate opportunities. In fact, CashJuice is primarily for affiliate marketers, featuring over 20,000 online marketers on the platform. Cashjuice allows you to build your list, followers, earn money, and more! It’s one of my favorite to post regularly. Join CashJuice for free


Article Marketing

If you enjoy writing content, but don’t want the hassle of a blog, consider writing articles on popular sites like Medium and Hubpages. The idea behind article marketing is to provide useful content and then link to your recommendations (affiliate offer) within the article. The better quality your content, the more views you receive and Google may even rank it so that you receive organic traffic for years to come.



While forms seems outdated, many affiliates are utilizing them to drive free traffic to their offers through their signature lines. The more active you are in forums, the more your signature line containing your affiliate offer is viewed by other members. I wrote a blog post about how to do this here.



If you are an expert in your niche, you can create a course on a platform such as UDemy and then provide a lead magnet (freebie to get subscribers on your list) in the form of a resource page or pdf containing your affiliate offers. This method is more time-consuming than the others, but you can earn from your course AND affiliate offers simultaneously.



Like creating a course, you should be an expert in your niche for this method. Creating ebooks takes time, but can be worth it. You can also hire someone to write ebooks for you if you’re just not into writing yourself. They key is to provide highly relevant and useful content that solves a problem for your target market and then include affiliate links embedded in the text.


Paid Traffic

Since affiliate marketers often lose their money with paid traffic, this is last on my list. There are many ways to drive paid traffic to your affiliate offers including Facebook ads, solo ads, traffic exchanges, etc. Learn about my top recommended paid traffic sources.



As you can see, you definitely do not need a blog to do affiliate marketing. As time goes on and more social platforms are evolving, this creates more options for affiliate marketing without a blog. However, I personally love blogging and having a “home” for all my content. Social media platforms can shut down your account for any reason, and with it all your content and follower base. In my opinion, if you’re not going to have a blog, make sure you’re building your email list.


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