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10 Free Sources for *FAST* Daily Traffic to Your CPA Offers

CPA stands for “cost per action,” which refers to the fee an advertiser pays each time a new lead takes a predefined action such as getting a quote, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase. If you’re promoting CPA (cost per action) affiliate offers in the make money online niche, there are certain free sites you can use to drive traffic to your offer links every single day.


What to Know About These Traffic Sources

Before I get into the details of these free traffic sites, I want to mention these traffic sites all are very established and have thousands of members in the MMO (make money online) industry who are promoting their own affiliate offers. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in other offers, though, because many affiliate marketers (myself included) are always on the look-out for new ways to make money online and new traffic tools/resources. What this means for you is you can potentially reach thousands of targeted prospects on a daily basis without having a blog or social media channel!

The 10 free traffic sources below allow you to get DAILY traffic to your make-money-online CPA offers. I also made videos on my YouTube channel about these sites, so you can see the first 5 traffic sites mentioned in the part 1 video first and the second 5 sites listed in the part 2 video I made.

**NOTE** Make sure to use a new dedicated Gmail email when signing up for these traffic sources because you will get emails from other members!


PART 1: How to Get Free Daily Traffic to Your CPA Offers

Herculist Plus

Mail out to 1 ,000 random members daily as a free member or upgrade to Gold (I paid for the one-time lifetime membership) to email the entire membership base of over 298,000 every day. You can also advertise using the Hercublurb, the Zone, and solo ads. Join here for free


Free Safelist Mailer

This free mailer allows every member to email the entire list of 47,015 members. Plus, all free and paid members can also email their referrals directly. Depending on your membership, you can also email from 1 to 7 levels deep… meaning you can email members you did not even refer! Join and receive a $10 bonus


List Jumper

List Jumper is one of the most responsive mailers I’ve ever used. Free members are able to mail unlimited random members every day using mailing credits, and other advertising options such as Premium Ads and Login Page Ads are available. Join here for free



This free email advertising site allows free member to email random members using credits. As a free member, you can reach unlimited members daily using credits, or upgrade and reach thousands of members every 3 days like clockwork. I always get a good CTR with this site. Join here for free


List Surfing

Get maximum exposure to your thumbnail ads, profile pages, comments, chat, and even more! List Surfing allows your links to get seen multiple times, helping you build trust, social proof, and get more results. Aside from thumbnail surfing, you can also reach tens of thousands of members who want to receive your offer using their effective list mailing system! Join here for free



PART 2: How to Get Free Daily Traffic to Your CPA Offers

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar is more than just a traffic exchange. They don’t just advertise your website or affiliate link to other members, but they  also advertise your website throughout their advertising network which includes other traffic exchanges as well as other websites. Get 100% free traffic from thousands of members from around the world. Join for free


Easy Hits 4 U

Since 2003 Easy Hits 4 U has been provided over 1.8 million members with 4.4 billion real visitors to their websites. Free members can add their sites and start surfing 1:1 to receive unlimited daily traffic easily. For every site you visit, you will receive one visitor back to your link. If you have no time to view sites, you can purchase visits right after signup! Join for free


Webmaster Quest

Receive REAL targeted traffic 24/7 with this leading traffic exchange. Established in year 2000, Webmaster Quest features anti-cheat protection and allows free members to add unlimited sites, surf 1:1, geo-target their traffic, aget unique hits, and more! Join for free


Leads Leap

One of my all-time favorite sites, Leads Leap allows free members to post 10 thumbnail ads and receive traffic by viewing other members’ ads. Free members can also get free search engine traffic and utilize the other free marketing tools including the page builder, Real Tracker, pop-up creator, list mailer, and more! Join for free


Cash Juice

This social sharing site connects thousands of affiliate marketers from all over the world and allows members to post their offers, get traffic by viewing other members’ offers, and create a profile. You can follow other members, get followers, and much more! Join for free


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***Affiliate Disclosure***

I earn money by participating in affiliate programs. Many of the links on this blog earn affiliate commissions. This means I earn money whenever you purchase a product that I link to. When you see links on this blog, please assume they are affiliate links. At the same time, I must say that my core goal is to always recommend useful and valuable resources and content that empowers and educates affiliate marketers to become financially free.

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